I had to promise my best friend to eat more. Otherwise the houseparents will send me to my guardian and I really don’t want to go to my guardian. Firstly, because I won’t work as much as I work in school. Secondly, I will be pressured by my parents and Guardian!

I don’t like my guardian that much as I thought i did before… She always makes me do things like: Go out and walk with the dog! This goes of my time of studying for my exams…

I cannot effort to live with my guardian!!!! I really don’t want to go there… Meaning: I have to eat more… 😦 And I have to gain weight!!! 😦 😦 😦


Yesterday evening I got locked up in the music room of my school! I began to panic. tried to open a door which I should have been able to open from inside, but I couldn’t. So I climbed out the window. Afterwards i had to tell the Security man, so he could lock it up again.

This morning I had to show the houseparents how I got out of the music room. They also let me try to open that one door that I couldn’t and again I couldn’t. So they said that if a girl of my age and my height is too weak to open that door, I have to sit with them at every meal…At least for one hour!!! I am soooo done!!!  And in addition to that I still have my ear canal inflammation!!! It’s horrible! I need to take medication for it and therefore I must eat!!! 😦 Please I need some help!!!! I need to lose more weight!!! What can I do?

I am under supervised eating now and I need to take medication!

Every 0.5 Kg I loose, I am happy about!!!

But I am still to fat! My weight is got down to 41 Kg!!!! I need to lose more weight until monday!!! I don’t know how though… I do really wish to get help from somebody… `tips how to lose weight when being watched, because I am being watched by my houseparents and I really need to lose more weight!!! Please help me!! Someone…

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